2011 Christmas Carols

I know it’s early!

But we have just sent the artwork for this year’s Christmas carol service to the printers. J.John has said that if you were to invite ten people to church during the year, one will come on average. At Christmas time if you invite ten people, then three will come! So this year we are laying […]

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Apostles Today

I recently preached on the nature of Apostolic ministry today at The Bridge Church – A couple of people have said it is the clearest teaching on it they have heard. Unbelievable! So here is my manuscript, hope you find it clear and helpful too! You can listen here too Apostles Today Asked to talk […]

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Relational Mission Video Blog

Here’s an encouraging video blog from Mike Betts about all that’s happenning with Relational Mission. Relational Mission is the name we have that expresses the apostolic sphere we are part of within the family of Newfrontiers

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Famous Last Words and Apple Trees

Last words are important They confirm what you have said, what you want people to do. Some are not all that helpful Major General John Sedgewick who was killed in the Amrican civil war when he looked over a parapet to direct artillery fire and said: “They couldn’t hit an elephant at this distance.” Jesus’ […]

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