Three hills to climb!

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A recent prophecy talked of us reaching a plateau, where we were happy, but with 3 hills of higher places in God to climb. God would give us joy for the journey and there would be times where I would turn back and give joy filled vision to keep us going! Exciting stuff!

As I have pondered the prophecy, I believe that the three hills are small group life, leadership development and evangelistic growth.

Small Group Life
We want our groups to be based around the Acts 2: 42-47. In those amazing verses we can find four things the early church were devoted to…

  • Apostles Teaching – we want to make sure we are applying what is taught on Sundays so that we are not just hearers of the Word, but doers.
  • Fellowship – our small groups are where you know and are known, where genuine friendship build one another up.
  • Breaking of bread – where we celebrate communion most often and enjoy worship together.
  • Prayer – where we pray for one another regularly.

There was also signs and wonders being done, believers caring for one another practically and financially and people getting saved daily.
One of the hills of higher place sin God is our small groups embodying Acts 2 church life!

The second hill is Leadership Development. Bill Hybels wrote that the Church is the hope of the whole world and it stands or falls on its leaders. In this next season of establishing The Gateway Church we want to make leadership development a priority.
We have a leadership team of Andy Moyle, David Hutton and Andy King.
We are going to start up “Impact” – a monthly gathering of the next tier of leaders and potential leaders who lead small groups and other areas of Church life to develop them in their leadership. It will be a mix of vision, leadership development and prophetic ministry- we want to grow some big leaders to grow a big Church!

The third hill is Evangelistic Momentum. When we moved to Kings Lynn to plant a church it was to reach lost people and see them added to a vibrant New Testament Church, full of the grace of God, with relevant Biblical teaching and the power of the Spirit changing lives. We want to see momentum grow evangelistically. The disciples worked in partnerships to reach out with the love of God. We’d like to see people working in partnership to reach out to friends and family.
For that we have three goals
i) Form partnerships to deepen friendships with those that are not-yet Christians, so that not-yet Christians become part of our wider community
ii) Put on some great events where we get Christians and non-Christians together and trust the Holy Spirit to build some great connections and do His thing!
iii) Build towards an Easter Alpha Course with 20 guests.