Love Zim

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Zimbabwe is at a crossroads! A beautiful nation with great potential and many God-given promises, yet a nation still struggling for justice and peace and where the poor continue to suffer. The call is ringing out to return to God, unite and help the rural poor by training them to farm in a profitable and sustainable way.

The Church in Zimbabwe is awakening and is on the verge of being used by God to transform this awesome nation, creating godly discipleship models in all sectors of the national economy, beginning with faithful stewardship of the land that God has given.
Check out this video of Joel Virgo interviewing Scott Marques at Newday 2010

Joel Virgo interviews Scott Marques from LoveZim on Vimeo.

This Sunday evening 8pm at The Moyles home,we’ll spend the bulk of our prayer meeting prayer for Zimbabwe – praying for the Trumpet Call initiative

Trumpet Call is a call to three things:

1. A call back to God – 2 Chronicles 7: 14-16
Calling the church to turn to God in active repentance.
Calling the church to be more biblically founded in its practice, beliefs and expression of Christianity.
Calling the church to serving God wholeheartedly.

2. A call to unity – Ephesians 4: 1-7
Calling the church to unite in calling on God to move on our nation.
Calling the church to unite in practical action to help Zimbabwe lift itself out of poverty.

3. A call to help the poor – Isaiah 58: 9-10
To feed by training and equipping every rural family in Zimbabwe in 5 years, enabling them to feed themselves – instead of relying on handouts from other nations – in an ongoing, sustainable way.
To help break poverty in Zimbabwe by teaching Zimbabweans to work profitably, instead of the alternatives of begging or stealing.

Do come!