Don’t act out of fear – January 25th

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genesis 26 wordleDay 25 of the Murray M’Cheynes Bible Reading Plan!
I’ve been away from a computer for a couple of days, so these are late getting done!

Genesis 26

Isaac repeats his dad mistake of pretending his wife was his sister – we do model how to do life to our kids, so fears and patterns of foolish self-preservation out of fear can get repeated. As a Christian you are a new creation, so you don’t have to “be just like your dad”. It does take some thought and prayer – why am I doing this?!

The Philistines kept filling in his father’s wells – we need to dig our own wells not rely on others!

Matthew 25

Three parables that teach us to

  • Be prepared and alert – know Jesus, be ready for His return
  • Use what God has given you widely don’t hold back through fear and lack of confidence (v25)
  • Sheep and goats look very similar in Middle East countries – they are not the fluffy woolly sheep we have. You need to look fairly closely to tell the two apart! That’ll help this parable make more sense!
    Not “eternal punishment” – this passage doesn’t allow for annihilationism

Esther 2

God is working things out behind the scenes – Providence. The king needs new virgins to marry!
There’s a long preparation time – 6 months of perfuming! we can have seasons of being prepared out of view!
Esther won favour with everyone and the king. Her adopted father hears of an assasination plot, so she passes on the information crediting Mordecai – winning him favour and saving the King’s life.

Acts 25

Pauls trial continues as he gets passed on from Felix to Festus to Agrippa.



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