Providence and Protection – January 27

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Day 27 of the Murray M’Cheyne Bible Reading Plan

Genesis 28

Now that Jacob is not being deceiving, Isaac actually gives him the Abrahamic blessing.
Esau is still miffed and hearing he shouldn’t marry a Canaanite wife, does so out of spite and sinfulness.

Jacob goes off and on the way has an dream encounter with God, where the Lord confirms the Abrahamic promised over his life.

In v16 he observes “surely the Lord was in this place and I was not aware” – how often are we unaware of Gods presence! Now he is aware he names the place “Bethel” – house of God.

Matthew 27

Judas feels remorse for betraying Jesus. Remorse was not conviction leading to repentance and restoration. Here it is worldly sorrow, about which nothing can be done, so the shame of what he did led to his suicide.

Jesus is brought before Pilate – the crowd shout “Crucify Him!”. Then interestingly “Let his blood be on us and our children” What they meant in harm, actually is the source of our forgiveness and confident and bold access to the Father.

On the cross Jesus cries out “My God, My God why have you forsaken me” – up to then, Jesus prayers have been more intimate – Father. Now as our sin is upon him and Jesus becomes a curse for us, the intimacy is gone for that moment as he becomes sin for us.

Once Jesus has died, Joseph of Arimathea, a secret disciple to this point is bold enough to come and bury him in his own tomb.

Esther 4

News that the Jews will be destroyed reaches Esther. The only way out will be if she can get the King to stretch out his sceptre. She knows you just can’t walk into the King. But she cannot remain silent, she has to go for it.

“For such a time as this” – shows us God’s providence is behind here being where she is now.
God has called us to be where we are right now, with the people we are for a mission!

Esther gets her firends to fast and pray to make ready to see the King.

Acts 27

Paul could have been set free, but he has appealed to Caesar, so to Caeser he must go! They start sailing slowly, but Paul gives some prophetic advice, to stop or disaster will happen. He is ignored, and a storm hits. Tehy are shipwrecked, but they all survive. God providentially keep them all safe again.



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