3 generations – Feb 15th

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Day 46 of blogging through Murray M’Cheyne’s Bible Reading Plan

Genesis 48

Jacob reminds the no2 man in Egypt, his son, Joseph that “God will be with you and take you back to the land of your fathers.” He wanted to ensure there were no doubts in Joseph’s mind as to his proper place and calling. Do you know what you are on earth for?

As Jacob talks to Joseph and his sons and grandsons he reminds them of the promises from God, their spiritual heritage and blesses them for the future. I have been challenged to lay hands on my kids and bless them often – which I am doing!

Jacob adopts two of Joseph’s son and deliberately blesses them the wrong way round – he knew what he was doing v19 – it would have consequences because eventually Ephraim would take the place of Reuben as the leader of the 12 tribes.

Jacob got help as he faced death, Joseph was encouraged as he faced the pressures of work and Ephraim got hope for a future full of promise and opportunity. That’s how it should be – the generations blessing one another in the Church!

Job 14

Job reflects that humans live once for a set period and then die. Trees may sprout again, but we are not reincarnated. Thank God that the gospel offers eternal life!
Job is depressed. – he feels the pain of his own body and mourns only for himself v22.
Depression is horrible – the blackness, the troubled sleep, loss of appetite,lack of motivation and even desire to die add up to an illness of mind that is truly awful. Sometimes it is a chemical imbalance and sometimes circumstances can trigger it like in Job’s case. Sometimes it can be a response to real guilt – but not for Job.

There are glimmers of hope “until” is used several times in this passage. Will hope grow?

Luke 1:39-80

I love the songs Mary sings and the prophecy of Zechariah they are full of joy at what God is doing around the birth of Christ and John the Baptist.
God opposes the proud, but lifts up the humble!

1 Corinthians 2

The most important thing to know is Christ and him crucified. Don’t worry if you are fearful or not particularly eloquent – talk about Jesus and allow the Holy Spirit to demo his life changing power! Be open to the Holy Spirit’s prompts and gifts. The Spirit knows exactly how to reach your friend, because He can search hearts. Make sure you are listening!



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