Life, Love and Taxes – February 10th

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Genesis 43

Joseph’s brothers are back with Benjamin and Joseph is emotionally at seeing him. At the feast Joseph has them set out in age order with Benjamin getting much more. All will become clear over the next few days!

Job 9

“How can a mortal be righteous before God?” Job asks. You can’t. That’s why we need a saviour – Jesus!

Mark 13

Jesus prophecies the end of the Temple – which was destroyed in AD70. For my comments on the end see Jan 24th’s notes from Matthew

. Mark is an abbreviated version of Matthew. Note there is only one second coming of Jesus – no mention of a secret rapture of the saints before the millennium. Jesus comes again once with great power and glory and will see him in the clouds!

No one knows when He will come back either! Prophecy nutters beware of times and dates!

Romans 13

We have to submit to the government of the land. God wants us to live peaceably and pay our taxes, not dodge them.

Loving one another is a key to our Christian walk. That and not thinking about how to sin!