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At times heaven is silent – February 11th

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Genesis 44

We are coming close to the climax of Joseph rescuing his family from the famine with one final test – he arranges for Benjamin to be arrested for theft. How will they react – will they save themselves or protect their younger brother? They pass and Joseph knows they have changed.

Job 10

Job turns his distress to questioning God – what have I done wrong? Why is this happening to me? All good questions. But for now heaven is silent for Job. He needs to wait a while before God will answer him.

Mark 14

Jesus is at dinner with Simon the Leper – no doubt he was healed, but still Jesus is radical, hanging out with unclean people to cleanse them.

“The poor you will always have with you” – here worship trumps giving to the poor. Worship must be extravagant and so must our helping the poor!

The Lord’s supper is given to us to help keep the cross central

At Gethesemene notice how Jesus prays to “Abba, Father” there’s such intimacy in the trinity, even though heaven will be silent for Jesus too at this point. At the cross when our sin is heaped on Him, Jesus cries out “My God, My God why have you forsaken me” – the only prayer that is less intimate.

Jesus undergoes arrest an a kangaroo court And Peter disowns him. Jesus was despised and rejected, a man of sorrow, striken for our sin. Thank you Jesus!

Romans 14

The emphasis here is on not causing others to stumble in their faith – whether it be food or holy days.
Don’t look down on others for what they do or don’t do in good conscience
It’s an outworking of love!