Build well – February 16th

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Genesis 49

Jacob’s sons (birth and adopted) are a rag tag bunch, judging from Jacob’s prophetic blessing.
Reuben it would seem masturbated on his dad’s bed
Simeon and Levi were violent men
Judah – Jacob hints at Messianic descendent v10
Zebulun will be a sea farer
Issachar a hard worker who will end up in slavery
Dan a judge
Asher a chef
Napthali a deer set free – a free spirit?
Joseph faithful
Benjamin a ravenous wolf.
What a quiver full!

Luke 2

Jesus, the long awaited Messiah is born.
No room at the inn- Bethlehem is Joseph’s home town a tiny village – would no-one open their doors to this unmarried father and his betrothed?
Shepherds – considered the lowest of the lo, get to hear of the Saviour’s birth first!
Simeon was a devout man waiting on God, filled with the Spirit – makes him a rarity in old covenant days.
He walked with the Spirit and then prophecied. An example to us!

Job 15

It’s Eliphaz’s turn to start accusing Job of sin!

1 Cor 3

The Corinthians were not mature – requiring milk rather than meat, because they were worldly (Dennis MacCullum’s Satan and His Kingdom is brilliant on how Satan use the “world” for temptation), jealousy, quarrelling and party spirit.
Paul has a grace gift to lay foundations. The challenge for the Corinthians and us is to build our lives well on apostolic founcations. Everything we do is either hay and straw or gold and silver – the former get burned up, the latter the basis of reward in eternity. NOT salvation by works, we are saved by grace and work by grace. Work by grace to get good reward, just like Paul had a grace gift to lay foundations. Rely on God’s strength to serve Him!

Don’t forget we are Eternally secure!



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