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Clanging gongs – Feb 25th

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Exodus 8

The plague of frogs was against another Egyptian god called Heqet. Egyptians considered frogs sacred and wouldn’t kill them. God’s sense of humour at work – the Egyptians worship frogs, so God gives them over to what they desire – see Romans 1 for how God gives unbelievers over to what they desire.

Pharaoh begs Moses to pray for the plague to go – it does, but he hardens his heart again.
Pharaoh’s magicians couldn’t replicate the next plague – gnats. In the next plague, God preserves the Israelite area, Goshen. Pharaoh tries to compromise – but it would be detestable for the Egyptians to see Israelite worship.

Job 25-26

In Bildad’s last speech, he repeats what Job and the three have all said – God is sovereign!
And we cannot of ourselves be righteous before God – we need a Saviour Jesus!

Luke 11

Interestingly Luke uses “When you pray say” – as if we should be saying the Lord’s prayer by rote. Matthew 6 goes with “This then is how you should pray” hinting that it’s a framework or model for how to pray – headings if you like. The commentators tend to lean that way – it’s a Rabbinical way of teaching. Saying it by rote is missing the point!

God loves us to pray and ask Him. – everyone who asks receives, he who seeks finds and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.

1 Cor 12

Love is the key to using the spiritual gifts well – we don’t want to be clanging gongs.
Prophecy will cease when v12 we know fully – not the closing of Scripture canon, but when we see Jesus face to face. For now we prophecy in part – hence we must weigh prophecy
Does it line up with Scripture?
Does it encourage, strengthen, comfort or build up (1 Cor 14)
Does it acknowledge Jesus is Lord?
Does it bear fruit?

Keep prophecying! Eagerly desire the gifts – but make sure they are used with maximum love!