Do not be afraid, It’s God! – Feb 14th

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Day 47 of blogging with Murray M’Cheyne!

Genesis 47

Jacob is introduced to a much younger Pharaoh who asks how old he is. He talks of his life being a pilgrimage – we are after all strangers and pilgrims on this earth (Heb 11:13) touched with a sense of heaven and living life in the light of eternity. His life had been tough – partly because of his own sin and partly the sin of others around him. He wanted to be buried back where his fathers had been buried as part of his part of the promise of God.

Job 13

Job knows God is sovereign and all powerful, Zophar don’t tell me what I know v1-2. Job wants to argue his case with God v3-4. He pleads with God to withdraw His hand and stop the frightening terrors. He wants to be relieved of misery and to be back in a place of trusting God rather than terror. Why do you hide your face? he cries out. He is paranoid, with good reason.

Luke 1

The doctor Luke seeks to write a gospel full of eye witness testimony and written in an orderly way.
Most people who see an angel in Scripture are scared stiff by the experience “Do not be afraid” is the common first words the angel/God says (Daniel 10, Matthew 28:5; Luke 1:30; Luke 2:10;Acts 18:9; Rev 1:17…)
Zechariah hears his elderly barren wife will bear a son John the Baptist – unusually he will be filled with the Spirit from birth – only 150 people in the previous 4,000 years had been filled with the Spirit so this is hugely significant!

Mary hears from an angel she will conceive as a virgin and give birth to Jesus, the Son of the Most High. You can imagine interviewing Mary in her old age and hear this, and then hearing her sing her life’s song! Ps40 promises believers a new song to sing. Mary’s is amazing!

1 Cor 1

Paul is a thankful man – he thanks God always for the Corinthian church, even though they were so wild!
They don’t lack spiritual gifts v7 – indeed later he has to reign them in a bit!
God’s promise is that He will keep us strong to the end! I love eternal security! he will keep us strong, because he is faithful.

Be united! Stop quarrelling, stop being fan boys for anyone other than Jesus!

The cross is foolishness to the unsaved. That God would come and die, becoming a curse for us, is foolishness to those that hate God. But God uses the foolish to shame the wise – so He gets the glory.



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