Majestic Romans 5 – February 2nd

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Day 33 of Murray Mc’Cheyne Bible Reading Plan

Romans 5

Is a majestic chapter! Faith in Christ’s death and resurrection has so many benefits!
Access into grace, standing, hope of the glory of God. But also suffering – but even suffering has benefits because it leads to perserverance, which builds character but has hope, because hope is poured into our hearts by the Holy Spirit.

Sinful nature is genetic from Adam. Outside of Christ, Adam is the head of the global family – we were in Adam. Putting faith in Christ means we transfer to be in Christ with all the benefits above!

Job 1

Job was a good man, a righteous man and rich too!
Satan is not equal to God, he is under God’s sovereignty and can only go so far.
v10 Job had a “hedge” around his household – do you pray for a hedge of protection?
v21-22 God is to be praise in good times and bad.

Mark 5

A number of miracles are listed that would mean Jesus is unclean – clearly Jesus is making the law and old covenant obsolete!
In a Gentile area (pig farming a big clue!) – a demoniac is set free
Woman with bleeding toched Him – that also would have made Jesus unclean under the law.
Synagogue ruler’s daughter is raised
All three would have made Jesus unclean, but he ignores it and heals people.

Genesis 34

Jacob’s daughter Dinah is violated by Shechem – they want to intermarry with Israel. Jacob’s sons trick them into getting circumcised and kill them all. Not good! One sin leads to another. It is for God to avenge not us.



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