Marriage and Evangelism – Feb 7th

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Genesis 40

Joseph had been in charge of the prison but expereiences two more setbacks. Firstly the captain of the guard, Potiphar, makes him serve two new prisoners. Secondly one of them will forget to put in a good word, leaving him languish in jail for a few more years.

Dream interpretation is a God given gift. i do believe lots of dreams are from the Lord, especially Non-Christians – I have a lot of fun showing them they are pointing to their need of Christ!

Mark 10

Jesus kept on teaching, even when so many were stubborn and hard-hearted.

Marriage (as in husband and wife – so sad I need to write that) is important. In those days as well as now, divorce was far too easy and often for trivial reasons.

Jesus takes us back to the creation ordinance of marriage v7-8, then adds to it v9 and then says any remarriage except because the previous marriage partner was unfaithful = adultery.
Remarriage for trivial divorces is adultery because the divorce shouldn’t have happened.

Job 6

Job denies the first charge that his sin brought this suffering on v24.

Romans 10

Paul wants physical Israel to be saved – they are zealous for God, but not based on knowledge and based on self-righteousness.

Christ fulfilled the law and is the end of it – it is obsolete.
Verses 9-10 show us how tobecome a Christian – confess Jesus is Lord and believe the resurrection (and thus also the cross) in your hearts.

But Jews and Gentiles won’t become Christians unless they hear the good news. So tell ’em!



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