No immorality, we are Christians – Feb 18th

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Day 49 of blogging through Murray M’Cheyne’s Bible Reading plan

1 Cor 5

The Corinthians were pretty wild – lots of sexual immorality and even boasting of it. Paul says STOP! Don’t associate with immoral Christians.

Don’t disassociate from immoral unbelievers, we are trying to reach them – v10, but do expel hypocritical immoral believers who won’t repent.

The come out of the world mentality of many believers has no Biblical warrant. We are trying to reach the world, while resisting temptation to be like the world.

Are you sexually immoral? That includes lust of the heart (Job 31:1 is helpful here!), pornography, sex outside of marriage (as defined biblically between man and woman), which includes fornicating, adultery and homosexual sex acts.

At the end of teh chapter Paul says to not associate with other un-yielding hyprocritical believers who are greedy, idolaters, slanderers, drunkards and swindlers. We all sin, but we must all be putting sin to death with confession, prayer and running away!

Job 18

Bildad’s speech doesn’t help Job at all – it throws him back into despair 19:1. Sometime we should keep quiet and just be there!

Luke 4

Jesus full of the Spirit is led into the wilderness. Sometimes God leads us into a wilderness for a season, other times we end up there because we messed up. If you are in a wilderness, ask God why and do what He says!
Note that Jesus uses Scripture to counter each of Satan’s temptations. Notice also that Satan quotes Scripture out of context at Jesus in v10. Know your Bibles!

Exodus 1

Joseph went through all that to rescue 70 people. God will do a lot for a few people. Out of those 70 came a lot of people. Eventually the Egyptians start to oppress the Israelites and eventually the Egyptians try to exert population control over Israel, through the killing of young boys with late term abortions/live birth killings.
Thankfully the midwives fear God and don’t do it.



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