Resist unbelief – February 6th

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Day 37 of the Murray M’Cheyne Bible Plan

Genesis 39

God is with Joseph in what ever trials he faces!
Success breeds success, especially when it comes from God.
Success also seduces – Mrs Pots got the hots for Joseph. he ran away (like all good young men 2 Tim 2:22)
He gets chucked in prison unjustly, but even there begins to succeed, because God is with him

Go doesn’t take us out of our circumstances, but He is with us in them!

Job 5

There is a lot of good advice in Job’s friends, but they haven’t got it right – Job is being tormented by Satan not because he has sinned.

v2 Resentment does kills a fool – if you harbour resentment over an offence, you are a fool and you will be b&t (bitter and twisted), it will kill you eventually. Forgive!
Envy slays the simple – be content!

God loves the poor v15-16
God disciplines those He loves – don’t despise it! v17

Mark 9

The tranfiguration is a glimpse of what the second coming will look like. His first coming looks lowly and poor, but the second one won’t. At the second coming all Christians will appear with him, even though reviled and persecuted now. The transfiguration is a remedy for doubt as to whether we will prevail!
He will come Col 3:4

From the transfiguration we come to a sad story of the work of the devil – a young boy tormented by a demon. The disciples couldn’t help him – they need to depend on Jesus even more.

Sometimes we are a mix of belief and unbelief as we can see in this boy’s father v24!
What do we do with our faith? Use it – stretch it to it can grow
What do we do with our unbelief? Resist it and pray against it.

Jesus is totally sovereign over the demonic – Come out of him and never enter him again.1

v33ff Rivalry and selfish ambition are not good things! True greatness comes in humility.

Romans 9

Paul now turns to the question of Israel – to understand the next chapters, you must read them all not pickout isolated verses, which then say something different to the whole thing. Every text has a context or it is just a pretext!

v1-5 The people of Israel – Paul mourns for his fellow Jews who are rejecting the Gospel, because they have so much and yet not it all.

v6-29 “Israel” is not physical anymore- not all who are physical descendants are Israel – the new people of God. “Israel” is now the children of promise v8. he backs it up with quotes from Hosea, Isaiah

v30-33 Gentiles by faith get righteousness, but old Israel by law doesn’t – because they pursued it by works not faith v32

Read on before getting mad!



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