The bigger the building, the bigger the anointing Feb 27th

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Day 58 of blogging through Murray Mc’Cheyne’s Bible Reading Plan

Exodus 10

At different points in he narrative we are told “Pharaoh hardened his heart” or “God hardened Pharaoh’s heart”. Both are true and not mutually exclusive. In hardening Pharaoh's heart, God allowed him to have what he sinfully desired – a hard heart against the Lord and His people. God was doing this to show His power to the generations. Pharaoh was proud – God hates pride.

In each of the plagues God was showing his power of various Egptian gods
· Greater than the god Khnum (the guardian of the Nile)
· Greater than the god Hapi (the spirit of the Nile)
· Greater than the god Osiris (who had the Nile as his bloodstream)
· Greater than the goddess Heqt (the frog-goddess of fertility)
· Greater than the goddess Hathor (a cow-like mother goddess)
· Greater than the god Imhotep (the god of medicine)
· Greater than Nut (the sky goddess)
· Able to stop the whole worship of the Egyptian gods with loathsome lice and swarms of insects
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Pharaoh’s various repentances are shallow and not real – much like when kids say “Sorry” without meaning it at all.

Luke 13

Jesus lets us know suffering happens to everyone – “good” or bad, because we are all sinners living in a sinful world.
When Jesus sets the crippled woman, notice the importance of laying of hands for healing.

1 Corinthians 14

Eagerly desire the spiritual gifts!
Speaking in tongues edifies us – so the more you do it, the more you will be edified. As Rambabu says the bigger the building the bigger the anointing!
Prophecy edifies the church
v3 strengthens people
v3 encourages people – encourage= put courage in. Not there there!
v3 comforts people – the there, there.
v24 convicts unbelievers in the meeting

Public tongues as an utterance must be interpreted.
Two or three pophecies then the body weighs – that’s why we don’t preweigh contributions at the moment!

Job 28

Where does wisdom come from? God v23. The fear of the Lord is wisdom!



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