He is risen! March 10th

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Exodus 21

Ch 20 had the ten commandments v1-17, which introduced fear v18-21. Then further legislation from v21. Chapter 21 is case law v2-11 are “when..then..”, v12-17 are someone doing something and from v18 when..then.. scenarios.

Galatians teaches us the law drives us to Christ. The gospels show that Jesus fulfilled the law perfectly, the only one. Hebrews shows us that the law is now obsolete, because we have the new covenant. Romans teaches us that we are under grace not law. Grace goes way beyond the law in what it achieves. Some of the Ex21 applies to keeping slaves. It is case law for the ancient cruel world. Living under grace, by the Spirit we have a much higher level of holiness – we wouldn’t have a slave!

Job 39

Is the second chapter of God speaking – we know nothing! God is sovereign and in control of everything. Hallelujah!

Luke 24

Jesus is resurrected from the dead – the promise if fulfilled v7-8! The disciples didn’t believe the ladies – Peter went to check it out.
On the Emmaus road two disciples get to hear how the Old Testament points to Jesus! And their hearts burn within them! Does your when you read the Old Testament? Sometimes it needs unpacking to see where it is going!

2Cor 9

When we sow generously we reap generously. Decide in your heart what to give and give by grace and cheerfully!



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