Exodus 33

Under the Old Covenant one would have needed a priest as a mediator to access God – by grace we all have access to god by one Spirit because of Jesus (Eph 2:18)
Much of this chapter is about the obedience required – under grace, we get to obey by faith Rom 1:5
The end is about encounter and glory – restricted to Moses. Under grace we all get to encounter God! Hallelujah!

John 3

Jesus can relate and deal with anyone – Israel’s theologian Nicodemus and the sinful Samaritan woman. Nicodemus finds out he must be born again – born of the Spirit. That moment when the Spirit makes our spirit that was dead because of sin alive in Christ and we can respond to the Gospel. Theology and religion won’t help you – you must be born again!

What are the works God is looking for? Believe!

Job 42

No purpose of God can be thwarted! God then restores Job’s lot.

2 Cor 12

Thos who talk about 3rd heaven visitations should read 2 Cor 12 – they are so amazing, they are not to be boasted about!

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