Truth will set you free – March 18th

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Exodus 29

Aaron is going to be the first High Priest, so this chapter outlines the process of ordination for the task, which is carried out in Leviticus 8.
The bull and rams are sacrificed, so that their blood could be used for the forgiveness of sins. The wages of sin is death, so a substitute must die for forgiveness
The bread is about fellowship with God. We are forgiven for fellowship!
Under the new covenant Jesus has been our perfect once of sacrifice, so we can enjoy the bread of life whenever and wherever for ever!

Aaron and the sons were washed publicly, humbly outside first. Once off – after that just hands and feet (thinking of Peter at the washing of the feet?)

The garments were put on them and then they were anointed with oil – a symbol of the Spirit – are you dripping with the Spirit?

Aaron was to lay hands on the bull, so his sin was transferred ready for sacrifice.
The blood of the ram was applied to their right (strongest side) ear, toe and thumb. These consecrated priests were stained with the blood of sacrifice. They should hear differently because the blood was on their ear. They should work differently because the blood was on their thumb. They should walk differently because the blood was on their toe. Our lives are marked by Jesus and the Spirit -we hear differently, work differently and walk differently.

CIA Motto
CIA Motto
Blood and oil were mixed and sprinkled on them – we need the forgiveness of Jesus and the power of the Spirit.

Then they got to eat some of the ram which speaks of our continued relationship with God!

John 8

Woman caught in adultery
The religious leaders were peeping toms to catch a woman, but not the man weirdly, in the act of adultery, bringing her to Jesus. It’s a test
Will he
i) Uphold an unpopular law, that was rarely exercised because it requires witnesses and adultery is usually a private sin. He’d be in trouble with the Romans who alone had the right to capital punishment
ii) Let her off, showing himself as a lawbreaker.
So he handles it very cleverly. If you are without sin you can throw the first stone. No-one can apart from Jesus. He forgives her and tells her to sin no more
Sexual sin is still sin
Jesus forgives us
The Spirit empowers to resist temptation.

I am the Light of the World
Light was an important symbol in the Feast of Tabernacles. During the feast, many emblems and ceremonies remembered the pillar of fire that gave light to Israel during the Exodus. Now, Jesus takes this important symbol and simply applies it to Himself: I am the light of the world.
The Pharisees couldn’t see it. Normally we would need some witnesses to show it’s true, but Jesus is different.

i. Jesus can testify about Himself because He, not they, has view of eternity: I know where I came from and where I am going.

ii. Jesus can testify about Himself because He, not they, judges righteously: You judge according to the flesh; I judge no one.

iii. Jesus can testify about Himself because His testimony is fully supported by God the Father: My judgement is true; for I am not alone.

Where is your father? Is meant to be a cutting remark about his illegitimate birth.

The truth will set you free
John 8:32 is carved in the lobby of the CIA which is pretty ironic.
If we abide in the words of Jesus we will know the truth and the truth will set us free. What does it mean to abide? To abide is to to live in, to dwell in, to make your home in His word. Read, think, apply!

Proverbs 5

Funny how the passages often dovetail together. Proverbs 5 is a warning against committing adultery. Sexual sin is enticing “lips like dripping honey”, talk smoother than oil. But in the end sexual sin is a bitter pill. Leading to death. Run away!
Drink water from your own cistern – I’m not convinced that is an oblique reference to actual sexual practices;-) It’s telling you to not play away! Let your fountain be blessed is clearly enjoy sex with your wife, as is enjoying her breasts and being intoxicated with her love.

Marriages take work and effort to keep the fire burning. It’s worth it. Woe her, be intoxicated by her and steer clear of the adulteress’s honeyed lips and smooth talk.

Galatians 4

Before faith came, people were imprisoned by the law, like an angry guardian pointing towards our need of a saviour, but not lifting a finger to help. Now we have Jesus!

Now that Jesus has come, we have adoption as sons instead of the law. We get to cry out Abba Father and enjoy intimate fellowship with the Father.

It is anguishing to Paul that the Galatians were going back to the law for sanctification. Please don’t. We are free in Christ. Christ won our freedom for the law at a high praise. So be free and don’t waste it by going back to the law or sinning a lot.



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