Won’t go without God’s Presence – March 22nd

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Presence on thepostitnoteproject.tumblr.com

Exodus 33

After the sin of the golden calf, God did not say they could not enter the Promised Land and He did not withdraw His protection, but he did say they wouldn’t have His presence – the thing that most marked them out from the other nations.
That caused a heartfelt repentance to please for God’s presence – showing a genuine heart for God Himself. They took of their ornaments “not a time for decorating the flesh, but for making the heart right with God.” (Guzik).

Th tent was were people could earnestly seek God. Moses was desperate for the presence of God. Won’t go without it. “Show me your glory!” – Moses wanted even more than the presence. So God promises to make Hos goodness pass by Moses. Moses would be protected in a rock, while God passed by. He would see God’s back -or more like the “after effects of God’s glory.

Proverbs 9

If you are simple, seek wisdom – which begins with the fear/awe of God.
Don’t bother to reprove a scoffer.

John 12

Mary’s act of worship was humble, extravagant and un-selfconscious. How is your worship? Judas, like Michal with David, despised this extravagant worship, in his case because he was a thief. Outward appearances can be deceptive- but Jesus knew his heart.

Lazarus is embarrassing for the Saducees, because they don’t believe in resurrection and Lazarus is drawing people to Jesus. His life is a living story, a testimony of the goodness and power of God! How’s your life?

The crowd greets Jesus with words from the Messianic Psalm 118:25-26 Palm branches were a symbol of Jewish nationalism since the time of the Maccabees. This was a patriotic rally, and the crowds looked to Jesus as a political and national saviour, not as their spiritual saviour.

The hour has come for Jesus to be glorified – Jesus “kairos” moment, the moment of destiny for the whole world is near! His soul is troubled because He knows what pain is coming.

v34 – the people thought that the Christ would remain forever. They had been taught the Old Testament passages about the triumph of the Messiah, but not that he would suffer (Isaiah 53 and Psalm 22…). Suffering first, triumph second!

v42 secret believers – who fear man more than God. Don’t be like them The glory of God is better than the glory that comes from man. The baptism of the Spirit and ongoing fillings empower us to be bold (Acts 1:8, Acts 4:31)

Ephesians 2

Before believing in Jesus we were dead in our sins. Dead men walking – physically alive, spiritually dead. BUT GOD! But God broke in, made us alive (born of the Spirit) because of His great love and riches of mercy!

We are saved by grace not works! And having been saved, God has some great works for us!

We were far off from the people of God,now we are brought in!

We have access to the Father by the Spirit Ephesians 2:18



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