Be rooted and established – April 1st

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Rooted by AnyaLogic on
Rooted by AnyaLogic on
Murray M’Cheyne readings for April 1st

Leviticus 4

It is do easy to sin unintentionally! The law provided blood sacrifices for that! How much more does grace cleanses us!

Psalm 1

There’s a progression for falling into sin – we walk -> stand -> sit with those who lead us into sin. Be careful of sinful progressions in your life. Don’t avoid the world completely -(1 Cor 5:9-10) but don’t progress towards sin with the world.
Delight in the Word of God – it will cause your roots to sink deep in the river of God (that brings life and healing – Exek 47; John 7)

Psalm 2

God laughs at those who mock him – those who scoff at Him. He is Sovereign. Back in the day Psalm 2 was written He had already planned for Jesus to come v7.
So be intimate with the Lord – Kiss the Son v12

Proverbs 19

Love your soul, by getting some sense into it!

Colossians 2

Paul wants his readers to have

  1. Encouraged hearts
  2. Be knitted together in love
  3. Reach for all the riches of assurance

Great aims for your life
Walk in Christ, be rooted and built up in Him – I’m so glad that all our new converts are going through Foundations to be rooted an established in Him – it’ll will help them be good soil!

Don’t judge other believers over festivals and foods – some love Easter, some not so bothered as we celebrate the resurrection every Sunday!

The Bible Speaks Today series are great for devotional Bible Study – click an image to buy on…



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