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Blood and Oil – April 5th

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Leviticus 8

Exodus 29 had laid out how to ordain the high priest, now the Tabernacle was built, it was time to do it!
We are a royal priesthood under the new Covenant, o we can learn lots here!

The washing must have been a humbling experience, some say it was by full immersion and once only – so just like baptism! After that it would be just hands and feet – like Jesus said to Peter when he washed his feet. When we are saved we are washed clean, when we sin, repent and confess it like a washing of hands and feet being cleansed (1 John 1:9). Sin doesn’t mean we are unforgiven, we just need to confess for a hand washing.
Then they were clothed in the priestly garments provided for them – Spurgeon “Note, that these garments were provided for them. They were at no expense in buying them, nor labor in weaving them, nor skill in making them; they had simply to put them on. And you, dear child of God, are to put on the garments which Jesus Christ has provided for you, at his own cost, and freely bestows upon you out of boundless love.”

Priests also had to be anointed. The oil (a picture of the Holy Spirit) was poured over their heads, indicating that it was given in great measure, not in small measure (Psalm 133:2). Things were sprinkled, but upon people the oil was out-poured.

We are consecrated not through sacrificing bulls or rams, but by the once of sacrifice of Jesus.

The whole ram was burnt – giving its all on our behalf.

The blood and oil are mixed and sprinkled on Aaron – we need the sacrifice of Jesus and the Holy Spirit’s anointing – “Yes, brethren, we need to know that double anointing, the blood of Jesus which cleanses, and the oil of the Holy Spirit which perfumes us. It is well to see how these two blend in one . . . It is a terrible blunder to set the blood and the oil in opposition, they must always go together.” (Spurgeon)

Then they ate – The eating did not begin the process of consecration. It came after the washing, the clothing, and the blood-atonement of the priests. The eating speaks of the continuing relationship of the priest with God. “Let not this distinction be forgotten; the eating of the sacrifice is not intended to give life, for no dead man can eat, but to sustain the life which is there already. A believing look at Christ makes you live, but spiritual life must be fed and sustained.” (Spurgeon)

Psalm 9

Give thanks with your whole heart.
Tell of what God has done- it does you good!

Proverbs 23

A challenge not to be greedy!

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