Doing Life well – April 23rd

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1362732_67994683There’s a synchronicity in today’s Murray M’Cheyne’s passages about doing life well!

Leviticus 27

No-one is too old, too young, too insignificant to be used by God! Everyone has value with the Lord and He wants to use you!

At the minute 3 new converts are going through Foundations Course with someone in the church – to lay some great foundations of repentance, faith, baptism in water and Spirit, grace, prayer, enjoying the Bible and stewarding your life well. Ordinary people are discipling ordinary people – that’s great. My dream is we all get to disciple a new convert in the coming weeks and months. More Lord!

Psalm 34

Everything we do comes out of our relationship with God – “I will extol the Lord at all times” – v1 the “I will” means it’s a choice! “together” v3 – it’s always good to praise God and tell of his goodness with others around – Don’t give up on life group and Sundays and other opportunities to be with the people of God!
v4 He delivered me from all my fears – 1 John 4:18 tells us perfect love drives out fear. God doesn’t want us to be living with fear holding us back in life and ministry – some folks are going to be doing “Freedom in Christ” soon – allow the Lord to drive out fear with His love! Verse 17-18 God is close to the broken hearted, crushed in Spirit and troubled, you will see Him break in!

“Taste and see the Lord is good” – savour God’s goodness
“Take refuge in him” – spend time enjoying God’s presence every day.

v12-14 How to do life well – turn from evil, keep your tongue from evil and seek peace!

Ecclesiastes 10

A fly in perfume makes it go off – it doesn’t take much sin to make your life stink. Flee sin!
v12 Fools talk too much, the wise pick their words well.
v20 watch what you say in private – little birds will drop you in it!

Titus 2

Grace leads to righteous living, teaching us to say no to sin!
Be disciplers!

What grabbed you from today’s readings?



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