Help for insomniacs! April 2nd

Tired from

Tired from

April 2nd’s Murray M’Cheyne Reading Plan notes

Colossians 3

Set your minds on the things of God! We have died and our lives are hidden in Christ. So put away all forms of sin – that’s old self not new self. It’s about living in the good of what Christ has done for us! The old is gone, new has come (2 Cor 5:17) so live like it!

Let the peace of Christ dwell in you richly – if you are troubled, meditate on Jesus and allow His peace to fill you as you still your mind towards Him – sometimes that takes a bit of time and quiet!

Then whatever you do, do it for the Lord not man.

Proverbs 20

v5 Our purpose of the needs diving down into our hearts to dig out – What has God wired us to do? A “man of understanding” will draw it out. Please God increase our ability to do that!

Psalm 3

God is our shield! Cry out to God, he answers.
v5 promise to the insomniacs – “I lay down and slept; I woke again for the Lord sustained me”

Psalm 4

God puts more joy in our heart than in than when grain and wine abounds – he satisfies our souls more than earthly desire.

Leviticus 5

Poor can offer his turtledoves and pigeons – Jesus pick out the dove sellers especially when he clears the Temple – they were exploiting the poor.

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On: 2nd Apr, 2013 at 12:15 pm

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