Seasoned with salt – April 3rd

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Leviticus 6

When someone had defrauded someone else and wanted to repent – the priest would sacrifice, but the offender also had to make restitution, paying back plus 20% – we need to get right with God and man!

The old Testament atonement sacrifice provided a wonderful promise of forgiveness – under the New Covenant we can rely on the promise of 1 John 1:9 that we are cleaned when we confess.

The burnt offering had to be made perpetually – because before Christ’s sacrifice on the cross the sacrifices weren’t complete.

Psalm 5

We have taken refuge in Christ, so we are ever able to sing for joy, because God is good!

Psalm 6

In the midst of suffering the Lord hears our pleas and accepts our prayers. He will work it all out!

Proverbs 21

God hates pride v4

Colossians 4

Paul desires prayer to share the Gospel then challenges his readers to do the same!
i) Make good use of time with outsiders
ii) Let your speech be seasoned with salt

For Paul, team is important so he makes mention of people by name

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