Cloud by day, fire by night

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Numbers 9

The presence of God was so key in the wilderness years – the cloud by day and fire by night. They were guided by the presence to go and stay. Sometimes they stayed where they were two days and sometimes a month – we don’t know where the Spirit blows or when He will moved. But we can seek God’s presence continually Ps 105:4.

Psalm 45

A Messianic Psalm – “your throne, O God will last for ever and ever” – v7 Jesus to be anointed with joy more than his companions!

Song of Songs 7

Rather amusingly one commentator compares teh two breasts of the maiden in v7 with the two testaments of the Bible “Fresh and lusty, even and equal. Understand the two Testaments; hereunto resembled for their perfect agreement, amiable proportion, and swift running all the world over in a short time.” (Trapp)!

Hebrews 7

The author argues the obsolescence of the law by citing the change of priesthood. The law makes nothing perfect and we have a much better hope in grace!
God has sworn a irrevocable oath with grace – so he is able to save completely those who come to Gdo through him.



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