Don’t be a grasshopper

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Don't be a grasshopper
Don’t be a grasshopper

Hebrews 10

The law cannot sanctify is – it has no power and is a shadow that requires constant sacrifices to work at all. We are made holy through Christ’s death (Grace also teaches us to say no to unrighteousness (Titus 2:12)

verse 17 Grace means that God doesn’t remember our sins or lawless acts – hallelujah!

  1. We have confidence to enter God’s presence
  2. Can draw near to God easily
  3. We can hold unswervingly to hope
  4. We can spur one another on to good deeds
  5. Not give up meeting together
  6. We can not throw away our confidence and be richly rewarded!

Isaiah 2

“The mountain of the Lord” points to the kingdom of God
“Many people will come in” – the church is truly international in flavour and culture
v5 is an appeal for Israel to walk in their destiny
v6-11 Isaiah shows what is wrong

  • Superstition
  • Divination
  • Paganism
  • Loving money and possessions
  • Pride

v12 God will judge the proud in all the world
All other religions will be proved worthless
v22 Therefore stop trusting in man, he is nothing!

Psalm 49

Riches here count for nothing when you die – use them wisely

Numb 12

God reveals himself to prophets in visions and dreams.

ch13 12 spies are sent out – the promised land is indeed milk and honey, but the people there are big and strong. Only Joshua and Caleb return full of faith – the rest have a “grasshopper theology”. Don’t see your self as a grasshopper -don’t let fear hold you back from serving our mighty God in the strength of our mighty God.



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