Eternal Security

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Etrenal Security by echobase_2000 on
Etrenal Security by echobase_2000 on

Trying to blog my Murray McCheyne Bible Reading Plan everyday!

Numbers 8

7 lampstands lit and facing forward – Revelation makes the lamps a picture of the church, shining Jesus out to a needy world.
The lampstands in Numbers are made of hammered gold – we are refined by the fire of the Holy Spirit to be pure and blameless, the process of becoming like Jesus and shining his glory will involved fire and hammering out of sin and wrong thinking!

The Levites were made ceremonially clean by the sprinkling of water – we have come to Jesus who has cleansed us with living water!
They were shaved completely representing a new start, like a baby! We are born again, new creations when we first come to Jesus!

Psalm 44

The Psalmist is struggling and has written a lament – he is having a moan at God! Paul picks up v22 in Rom 8:36.

Songs 6

v3 “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine” – The ability of a couple to succeed in their marriage is equal to the ability of that couple to forgive and accept forgiveness… When this willingness on the part of both becomes a habit, then the bubble of romance that began their relationship will become a diamond that will last forever.” (Glickman)

v10 “awesome as an army with banners”
Spurgeon considered how the church wasawesome as an army with banners…

Banners were carried for distinction, so that the army could be clearly identified.
Banners were carried for discipline, so that the army could be organized in its work.
Banners were carried as a sign of activity, indicating that something was about to happen.
Banners were carried as a sign of confidence, willing to engage the enemy.

Hebrews 6

Elementary teachings about Christ – the Foundations are really important and need to be laid well.
Some are listed here in Heb 6
Repentance – turning from sin literally “change your mind” about sin – not just a once off, but we need to keep changing our mind about the wrong things we do and stop doing them!
Faith in God – we come to Christ with saving faith and go on with active faith
Baptisms – note plural , so in water and in Spirit
Laying on of hands – for impartation of the Spirit, gifts of the Spirit, healing, blessing and appointing leaders.
Resurrection of the dead – when Jesus comes back. I suspect lost of people are really woolly about after-death and heaven, yet it’s foundational!
Eternal judgement
“God willing we will do so” – so even the original readers hadn’t fully moved on!

Verse 6 what does it mean? Is it eternal security or not!
Is it about actual believers or nearly believers. John Hosier says we can sit on the fence and apply it pastorally!
Those who are in need of the warning use it!
Those who going on with God and scared of the warning, point them to Heb 7:25 – which is massively eternal security.
I think that is widsom!

Whether you are comfortable with eternal security or not the author gives us v9 – he is confident the warning doesn’t apply to his readers! And therefore you!!!

However v12 don’t use eternal security as an opportunity to be lazy – we don’t just want to be saved by the skin of our teeth, we want a glorious inheritance and a well done good and faithful servant from Jesus.

Even more so the hope we have is an anchor for our soul – firm and secure v19 because Jesus has gone before.

We are eternally secure as believers!



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