Fall of Babylon

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Isaiah 13

Israel was being threatened on her borders (nothing changes then) and chapter 13 is a prophecy concerning Babylon. I believe in prophecy, so obviously Isaiah can prophecy about events hundreds of years before they happen. Babylon wasn’t currently a threat in the time of Isaiah but had been and would be again.

Babylon first rears its head at the tower of Babel where the attempted building of the tower is the pinnacle of man’s pride and arrogance and trying to replace God. The story of Babylon is the story of all nations that defy God.

The fall of Babylon in this promise merges with the final day of the Lord (v6,9) when all human arrogance will be judged and human pomp and power judged for the hollow things they are. Eventually everything that stands against God will fall.

We live in an age where God is pouring out his loving kindness and forgiveness. If you are not yet a Christ follower – turn to him today- who knows when that day will come.

If you are a Christ follower – don’t be lukewarm with feet in the world’s systems. Be sold out for God!



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