Hearts crying out…

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Isaiah 15

This makes for pretty difficult reading because there are so many place names we have never heard of and because it is a crescendo of horror climaxing in Dibon becoming Dimon (to echo the Hebrew word for blood dam)!

The place names aren’t in a logical order moving north to south, east to west – they are dotted around erratically. A great cry is going up from everywhere – people are trying to escape in the high places. There’s wailing everywhere.

It’s a n echo of what Paul writes in Eph2:25 of life before God’s grace captured our hearts and rescued us. “We were without hope and without God in the world.” There’s no gloating here – Isaiah’s heart cries out for Moab in v5.

We need to be crying out to God for our nation

  • 7.6 Million children aborted since 1967
  • Right to die arguments raging again
  • 170 people needing a food parcel in King’s Lynn last month
  • A soldier beheaded by a Islamic extremist on the streets of London
  • Web pornography inspiring a paedophile to murder April Jones

Romans 1 tells us that God gives people over to what they desire – if we desire a godless nation, we get one.

Let’s echo Isaiah “My heart cries out!” We want an outpouring of God to sweep our nation with grace not destruction. There’s a cloud as small as man’s hand breaking of South Wales and I hear Sussex. Let’s call on God for a move of God to save our nation!

Prayer meeting this Sunday 6.30pm at 25 South Wootton Lane – don’t miss it. What if it turns out to be like Acts 4:31?



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