Pride comes before a fall

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Isaiah 14

The announcement of salvation for Israel/Jacob in the midst of judgement passages for the nations around and world system show us that the words are for Israel’s ears. They are their to remind her that whatever happens, her final destiny is secure, because God shapes history. He will judge and save! For us as believers we have eternal security – God will complete what He has started in us!

Pride is the human mega-sin and the judgements on the world system (Babylon) and the current to Isaiah threat nations of Assyria and Philistia are for evil born of pride.

Verses 12-15 are often seen as a prophetic description of the fall of Satan – morning star falling down. In his heart ascending higher than God and thus being cast down. It sure sounds like the devil while talking of the elite of Assyria, because those elite are demonically inspired.

Prise isn’t just for megalomaniacs, it’s the spirit of the world. Arnold Toynbee concluded that self-worship ius teh religion of mankind, though that self exaltation takes different forms. Pride is ultimately the refusal to humble ourselves before God.
Mary exalted that God acts to scatter the proud and exalt the humble (Luk 1:51-52). Jesus coming to the earth was God’s ultimate act against our culture of pride (Phil 2:1-11). God opposes the proud and gives grace to the humble. (James 4:6; 1 Peter 5:5). If you want God to actively oppose you, cling to your demands and hurt feelings and outward polish (Ray Ortlund)

If you want grace, be humble, humble yourself. View yourself rightly before a loving God!
Stay away from pomp! (14:11)

God reigns!

As God plans, so shall it be v24
The Lord of hosts has sworn v24



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