Middle East Peace? Isaiah 19

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Isaiah 19

Isaiah’s prophecies show Gentiles and Israel drawn to the Lord. How will it happen? Who will come? The most unlikely candidate is Egypt, who was Israel’s first enemy and the most memorable. Egypt represents the world’s opposition and Isaiah gives a point by point reply of the Lord’s solution…
The first half of the chapters shows us Egypt’s crucial weaknesses, which are
Her religion (v1-4) which was idolatrous and polytheistic
Her total dependence on the Nile v5-10, which was her lifeline, preventing Egypt becoming a desert
Her false wisdom v11-15 – with no understanding of God’s plans.

The second part shows us God’s solution in five segments each started with In that day

Smiting v1-15 Healing v16-25
The fear of the Lord v1 The fear of the Lord v16-17
Confusion and disunity v2 One language, one Lord v18
Reconciliation v19-22
Consulting the no-gods v3 Crying to the Lord v20
The healing Lord v22
The Nile dried in judgement v5 Highway for unity v23
Co-equality in the Lord v24-25
A spirit of bewilderment v14 Divine Blessing

One day Egypt, Assyria will be at peace with one another and with Israel. It’s not a human peace from human might and wisdom but through the Lord Almighty v25. The fulfilment isn’t through some political or religious realignment of the nations in the middle East – it is through the suffering, death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ, the Messiah (anointed one). True reconciliation and worship that results is only through the cross.



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