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Bible 2014

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One of the US mega churches did an expensive survey to see what makes Christians grow in their faith. The answer was actually pretty obvious – it wasn’t the programmes, the fantastic preaching, or even great small groups. The answer turned out to be pretty simple – people that read their Bibles everyday grow in their faith!

Last year some of us read the whole Bible at least once using the Murray M’Cheyne reading plan – doing that gives you the overall picture of the Bible story, but it’s a lot of reading if you are not used to reading! A few months ago I was impacted by a C.H.Spurgeon quote “I would rather my soul lay a-soak in a single verse of scripture than rinse my hands in a couple of chapters everyday”, so this year I’m going to do just that by reading the New Testament over the year – a chapter a day during the week, with space at the weekends to ponder on verses that grabbed me.

2014 New Testament Reading PlanI’ve done a calendar for the year to help me keep on track – you can download it here.

So why not make a slot every day – earlier is better for most!

  1. Grab your bible, a notebook and a pen
  2. Pray for a while and ask God to speak to you
  3. Read the passage and ponder, making notes, underlining
  4. Is there anything you need to do to apply the passage? Make a note and do it!
  5. Ask someone if there are bits you don’t understand