Matthew 1 – New Testament in a year

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1304199_14538015At first glance we can be tempted to skip over genealogies, but there are some hidden gems there!

Abraham in v1-2 was called by God to be the father of the people of God, so tracing Jesus’ lineage back to him is a big deal. Jesus is the fulfilment of the promise that in his seed all the families of earth would be blessed and the promise to David that his throne would be established forever.

Tamar verse 3 was an adulteress. Rahab in verse 5 was a prostitute in Jericho, who hid the spies and was saved when the city was destroyed. She married a leader Salmon and gave birth to one of my favourite Old Testament guys Boaz (see the book of Ruth for his great story). God can use anyone no matter how bad your life has been up to now.

Ruth was not a Jew – she was the Moabite wife of Kilion who died having fled Israel to Moab. The people of God is pretty inclusive! Anyone can join by faith and be used by God!
The women were all included to prepare us for thr climax of Mary v16
Matthew’s genealogy looks to established that Jesus is the Son of David!

Another name for Jesus is Immanuel – God with us – which fulfils Isaiah 7:14 and because Jesus which means “Yahweh Saves” because he will save his people from their sins. This too alludes to an Old Testament verse Psalm 130:8.

In the first chapter of the New Testament, we are brought face to face with what God wants to do. Jesus saves us. from what? Our sins – the things we have done, said and thought and will do that are wrong. Jesus is the fulfilment of teh Old Testament big promises and we get to benefit!

What a way to start 2014!



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