Matthew 12 – New Testament in a year

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Speaking out by Scripture Union on
Speaking out by Scripture Union on

Jesus is coming increasingly into conflict with the Jewish leaders who are legalists at heart.

1) The disciples pick some grain on the Sabbath.

Part of the rest for the weary and the light and easy yoke is the chillout times between ministry encounters – they are walking along picking some corn, not rushing to the next meeting! We have got to enjoy the journey! The legalist don’t like that.

So Jesus moves on, healing all the sick as he goes – Matthew notes that he is fulfilling Isaiah 42 as he does too.

2) The Pharisees reckon that Jesus is demonised to be able to set the demonised free. No – He does it by the Spirit of God so that the kingdom has come on them v28. He also tells them that speaking against the Spirit will not be forgiven. Attributing what the Holy Spirit has done to a demon. If you are a cessationist, be very careful how you describe what your charismatic brother is experiencing (and vice versa!). Blasphemy of the Spirit will not be forgiven, because it shows a hardness of heart that will not repent.

3) What comes out of mouth is an overflow of our hearts. v34 – This is a very challenging scripture. How’s your mouth? What’s coming out of it – gossip, slander, swearing, “Oh my God!”, or encouragement, building up? Why not do some heart work today and then watch your mouth!



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