Matthew 14 – New Testament in a Year

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John the Baptist’s death is the opener for the second half of the book of Matthew  and is significant. It’s parallel to the death of under 2’s in Bethlehem at the start of the Gospel. It’s pointing forward to Jesus’ death. It may also have helped the original readers many of whom were martyred too.

The feeding of the five thousand is a great miracle. Jesus takes the meagre resources of the disciples and multiples them over and over again, so that there is more left at the end than at the beginning. That’s how Jesus works! The Jews were expecting a return of bread from heaven when the messiah came, just like the Israelites experienced in the desert under Moses. So by feeding so many in the desert, He is making a bold statement about who He is and what He has come to do.

It also points forward to breaking of bread, which we do to remember Jesus’ death and that one day He will return and we will have a banquet!

Later Jesus walks on a storm! He has already stilled one, now He comes to them in one. Peter can get out of the boat and walk on water too. Peter does fine till he takes his eyes of Jesus, then he begins to sin.

It’s a helpful story for us about unbelief and faith. We are called to go to Jesus and live our lives by faith. But storms come and we can easily take our eye off Jesus and begin to sink.When we cry out to Jesus he gives us His hand and holds up.

What’s stopping you getting out of the boat to have an adventure with Jesus?

Are you keeping your eyes on Him or looking at the waves?



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