Matthew 19 – New Testament in a Year

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Matthew 19

God made marriage for a man and woman to be joined together for life. God loves marriage and sex – he created them both for us to enjoy. So when a question comes about divorce, Jesus reminds them that the Mosaic provisions for divorce are because our hearts are hard.

If you are married, keep your heart soft. Talk, pray, laugh, romance and sex are all important things to keep a marriage alive and good!

Verse9 gives us some “case law” for handling re-marriage after divorce – it’s a thorny area, but it seems clear that if someone commits adultery, the original spouse is free to remarry. Any other remarriage is adultery. It’s a toughie!

Jesus then prays for some children and then encounters the rich young man.
In verse 24 Jesus is using hyperbole “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God”. There never was a needle gate where people had to take the packs of a camel for it to be able to fit through. That was made up by Theophylact of Bulgaria in the 11th century. What Jesus is saying is made clear in v26 – It is impossible for us to be saved! BUT with God all things are possible. God saves us, not us taking the load of our backs!



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