Matthew 21 – New Testament in a Year

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I’m in Thailand, speaking at a conference, so these posts are short!

Matthew 21

Jesus arrives at Jerusalem and it is a triumphal one. The people have a growing expectation of the Messiah and think Jesus is a political Messiah. His manner of coming fulfils Old Testament Prophecy.

Jesus clears the Temple – the gospel writers often arrange their material by theme rather than chronology. John has this at the start of Jesus’ ministry, but the Synoptics place it towards the end as a last straw for the Jewish leaders. The “court of the Gentiles” that should have been a place for God fearing Gentiles to come and learn about following God has been cleared to make room for ripping off worshippers who need sacrificial animals and to change their temple tax money. Jesus is incensed that the place of prayer and enquiry is now a den of robbers ripping people off.

The next parables begin to highlight how the Jews will reject the coming kingdom and teh Gentiles will get to partake.



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