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Matthew 23 – New Testament in a Year

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I’m in Thailand, speaking at a conference, so these posts are short!

Matthew 23

Jesus tells us how not be a good leader

  1. Don’t practice what you preach – because people are watching as much, if not more than listening!
  2. Do everything for people to watch and applaud
  3. Be obsessed with your title – Rabbi, Father, Teacher are all ones to go for
  4. Exalt yourself above others
  5. Make your converts worse than you
  6. Swear oaths about things. Dont’ let your yes be a yes and a no be no. That’s too simple.
  7. Make sure you tithe everything including flowers and spices, but ignore the poor and justice.
  8. Make a great show of outward things and neglect the inner life
  9. Make tombs and decorate the graves of old dead guys rather than do the good things they did.
  10. Beat up prophets, wise men and teachers, perhaps even crucify the,