Matthew 4 – New Testament in a year

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Jesus was led by the Spirit into the wilderness. There are times inn our lives where we are in a wilerness. If the Spirit has led you there for a season it’ll be to teach you something. If it’s your sin then you need to get right with God and get out asap! Going yourself into a wilderness time is never a good thing.

Temptations are allowed by God and often come after a spiritual high like baptism. We are not meant to live on highs but on the bread that comes from God alone. Temptation does not mean that God’s blessing has evaporated, but they do build spiritual muscle. Satan as tempting Jesus to bypass the cross,to Shortcut the path of obedience and to be the king with out being the suffering servant.
Jesus overcame the temptations with “It is written… It is written…. It is written”. All are from Deuteronomy which suggests that is what he studied in the wilderness. You can’t beat reading and knowing the Scriptures to overcome temptation.

After the wilderness Jesus public ministry started. He moved to Galilee a freshwater lake about 14miles long by 7 miles wide. It as densely populated by tough and courageous people,open to change and his the gospel! The southern Jews despised it as a gentile area.

When Jesus called his first disciples, it as to follow him and be fishers of men. Relationship first he mission too. Those fishermen were men of courage in the fierce squalls that would often erupt and they needed perserverance, patience and flexibility in methods (they had three types of net). They had to be unobtrusive so as to not frighten fish away and a good sense of timing. All good qualities for fishing for men too!

The gospel of the kingdom was about preaching (bold challenging proclamation), teaching (explaining and answering questions) and healing.Every kind of sickness, demonic troubles and paralysis.



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