Matthew 6 – New Testament in a year

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The sermon on the mount is breathtaking in its simplicity and challenge! Matthew 6 covers so much of the Christian life.

Throughout is the issue of reward. We don’t earn our ticket for heaven. We are saved by grace not works so none can boast. Even the things we do for the Lord as saved people are done in His strength and empowered by the Spirit. But Jesus teaches that we are rewarded. There is some aspect of heaven that has reward.

1) Jesus wants us to give to the needy in secret, so we can be rewarded.
2)Our personal times of prayer need to be private, not babbling to look good. that doesn’t mean no prayer meetings which are clearly taught too!
3) The Lords prayer is a great model for how to pray not what to oray. Note v9 says “how”. Its like a series of headings to guide your prayer life.
4) Fasting v16-18. Do you ever fast? It’s good for you! But do it so no one knows to get the spiritual benefits! When we fast we need Gods strength and grace to do it,so it increases our reliance on Him.
5) Attitude to money. Store treasure in heaven – be as generous as you can because where your treasure is, shows where your heart is too. If you are not yet giving to The Gateway to finance the vision to be a gateway for the gospel to go to the nations, then check out our giving page to see how.
6) Your eyes – watch what you watch, because they are the window to the soul. Stop looking at porn, gossip or whatever else is damaging you.
7) Worry – its a sin! Stop it! Seek the kingdom first and God will sort the other stuff.

Wow seven major life topics in one chapter. I’ve skirted over the top of each – but the key is to see that you need the Holy Spirit’s strength to get victory in any or all of them. So go for it!

Which one will you tackle first this year?



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