Matthew 7 – New Testament in a year

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Jesus continues to punch hard and fast in the Sermon on the Mount. Christianity is not for wimps!

1) Don’t judge others or you will be judged the same way.
Pointing out others faults is often being picky while ignoring your own glaring foibles.

2) Ask,seek, knock the good gifts from God. Be persistent calling on God and eagerly desiring them. At the same time, know God wants to give them!

3) verse 12 – treat people the way you want to be treated.

4) All roads don’t lead to God. There the narrow gategate of repentance and faith that leads to friendship and forgiveness.

5) Test prophetic ministry by its fruit. Not all “prophets” are even saved. Its by the fruit of there lives that you will noe. But don’t be judgemental.

6) Don’t just be a hearer or reader of the Word of God, put it into practice so you are building on rock ready to stand firm when the storm comes.

So what do you need to put into practice from today’s reading?



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