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Parables Matthew 13 New Testament in a Year

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yeast_16x9Why did Jesus teach with parables, because people love stories.
1) Jesus had moved from the synagogue to seashore v1 – the establishments were against Him, so he teaches the common people.
2) They are an instrument of revelation v35 for those who are called to see v11,16-17. They bring light to those who look for it and increasing darkness for those who don’t.
3) They are a spur for a decision – the kingdom cannot be understood from outside.

Parable of the sower – is all about our response.
The seed is the word of God, which comes to life as it is received. It begins to germinate and shoot. As you listen to the story, you ask which soil am I? Has it bounced off? Is it growing in me so I can face pressure, laughter from friends? The kids are growing up, should we be more like everyone else, with the cares, the riches and pleasures of life? Or am I producing fruit?
The results depend on the soil – how we respond.

Parable of the Mustard seed
The infant Christian church must have seemed so small. Will it grow? The mustard seed is tiny, yet grows to a huge bush that bird roost in. That’s an allusion to Ezekiel 17:23 and Daniel 4:12,20-22 where Gentiles are in mind. Jesus is hinting that not only will the Kingdom get enormous but that it wont be just limited to the confines of Judaism but will provide a home for all the nations.

Parable of the yeast
The kingdom looks hidden, but permeates the whole earth just like yeast in dough. Yeast gets a bad press in Judaism. It had to be removed from the house before the Passover. So it would seem to be a strange image of the Kingdom – but then Jesus is like that taking the disreputable and transforming them and then society too.

After some more parable, Jesus goes back home, where He is rejected. The first part of the Gospel ends with a note of rejection in Galiliee – now begins the journey to Jerusalem where He will be crucified. Gentile mission to the nations becomes more and more explicit!

So are you being transformed? are you receiving the word and going with it to bear fruit? Are you passionate for the Gospel to goto the nations?



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