Luke 9 – New Testament in a Year

HandsTo do the work of the kingdom – preaching, healing and deliverance, we need two things power and authority Luke 9v1.

In Luke 9 Jesus gave power and authority to the twelve.
In Luke 10 the 72 others come back having exercised the same power and authority v17, so Jesus must have given it to them too!
In Matt 28 Jesus has been given the authority to give authority to all disciples, including you. v18-20. Mark 16 makes the power and authority to heal, deliver and raise from the dead more explicit.

In Acts 1:8 the 120 are told to wait in the city until they get power from the Holy Spirit. That power has now come at Pentecost and is available to all Christians through the baptism in the Spirit.

So what’s stopping you from healing, raising and delivering?

Posted by: Andy Moyle
On: 14th Mar, 2014 at 9:13 am

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