Acts 2 – New Testament in a Year

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Acts 2
Acts 2 is power packed stuff!
The church is birthed in power as the Holy Spirit comes on the 120 in a really visible way with some obvious signs following. The people outside are amazed and perpelexed, with some making fun (isn’t that what people do when they don’t understand?!). Peter gets up to preach, showing the crowd that Joel 2 is getting fulfilled. He then nails them with the fact they were the ones who shouted “Crucify Him!”. Jesus was vindicated by the resurrection and exaltation to the right hand of the Father. The ultimate shaming reversed to the ultimate honour.

The people are cut to the heart – conviction comes and they want to know what to do
Repent – Turn from your old way of thinking about Jesus.
Believe – that Jesus rose form the dead
Be Baptised in water – as a sign that the old you is dead and you are a new creation
Receive the Spirit – receive the power to be holy in practice and a witness.

That promise is available to all generations!

About 3,000 were saved and added that day.

They devoted themselves to four things
1) Apostolic teaching
2) Fellowship
3) Breaking of bread
4) Prayer

Lots of signs and wonders and miracles were down.

Jerusalem’s population had grown not just for the festival season, but with 3,000 new believers. Locals must have taken newcomers in, so some pretty radical outworking of community needed to happen and happen fast. People sold their belongings to meet the needs. They met in the Temple Court – an ideal gathering place for thousands and in homes -eating and worshipping!

God added daily those who were being saved.

Come On!



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