For we cannot help speaking…

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4_20_shout_it_out_t_shirt-re9dc0ccc219b4211a35bbc278928eb7b_804gy_512Peter and John had healed a beggar in Jesus’ name on their way to pray. On the back of it they preached the Gospel, accusing the crowd (who would have been there shouting “Crucify Him”) of killing the author of life Jesus and urrging them to repent and turn to the Lord so there sins could be wiped out. That miracle, followed by some bold preaching was clearly anointed by the Spirit as teh church grew by 2,000 people! That annoyed the priests, who tried to stop them preaching.

Peter’s answer is helpful “Judge for yoursleves whether is right in God’s sight to obey you rather than God. For we cannot help speaking about what we have seen and heard”.

These guys had overcome the fear of man – they wanted to obey God
They cannot help speaking – they weren’t waiting for God to tell them to do it today. They just wanted to do it, because what they have seen and heard is amazing!

Later in the chapter when they get back to their people, they pray about the threat
i) Acknowledging God is sovereign v24
ii) God has made promises about this situation already and asking Him to fulfil them v25-28
iii) Ask God for boldness, more miracles

The result is that they are all filled again with the Holy Spirit and go out speaking what they have seen and heard

Be provoked by Acts 4 this morning just as I have been!



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