Biblical engagement

From by Ryk NeethlingThe Bible is more available to us that it has ever been – multiple versions, multiple pretty covers for multiple versions and apps that mean you can read it on your phone, on a table on the go. Audio versions that you can listen to. But are we engaging with the Bible more? Engaging with the Bible impacts our spiritual maturity more than any other activity! The Spirit inspired them and He speaks through them leading us to maturity in every area of our lives.
The stats speak for themselves

Churchgoers who read the Bible more than once a week are more likely to

  • Be involved in ministries or projects that serve the community (46% vs 27%)
  • Seek opportunities on a normal daily basis to speak about Jesus (55% vs 19%)
  • Feel comfortable that they can share their faith effectively (84% vs 64%)
  • Invite someone to a church service or event (64% vs 37%)
  • Make time to fellowship with other believers in small groups (72% vs 36%)
  • Pray for other Christians (87% vs 45%)

Getting into the Bible is going to make a massive difference in your Christian life. God speaks so clearly to us from His Word.
If you don’t read daily, why not take 10 mins a day to start today – HTB do a great Bible in One Year program with apps for smartphones or a daily email to help you

Posted by: Andy Moyle
On: 23rd Oct, 2014 at 10:01 am

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