There is hope – sickness

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There is hope if you are suffering from sickness.

Here are David’s notes from Sunday…

I AM Jehovah Rapha: The Lord who heals you.Ex 15:26
Anointing on Jesus Lk4:18
Apostles Prayers for Holy Spirit Acts 4:26
Apostles Confirmation Acts 5:12
What was the effects?
1) Conversions
2) Confirmed truth
3) Demonstration
Q Are you or I an admirer or imitator?
God heals in many ways
• Sovereignly
• General prayer
• Specific prayer
• Note: God is responsible for healings
Different types of sickness need different approaches
1) Spiritual Healing Acts 2:36, 3:19, 1Jn 1:9
2) Physical Healing Lk 4:38, Acts 5:2
3) Inner Healing Lk 19:10
4) Deliverance Mk1:23-27, 32-34
Asking God to fulfil His Word.
Questions for House groups
1) How as a house group can we best fulfil Gods plan?
2) How did you come to experience the presence & power of the Holy Spirit?
3) How do you see your role in achieving God’s purpose?

There is hope - sickness

David Blacklock explains how Jesus can give us hope and healing if we are sick

Speaker: David Blacklock,
Series: There is hope
Date: 12th Oct, 2014
Download: There is hope - sickness
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