There is hope – sickness

There is hope if you are suffering from sickness.

Here are David’s notes from Sunday…

I AM Jehovah Rapha: The Lord who heals you.Ex 15:26
Anointing on Jesus Lk4:18
Apostles Prayers for Holy Spirit Acts 4:26
Apostles Confirmation Acts 5:12
What was the effects?
1) Conversions
2) Confirmed truth
3) Demonstration
Q Are you or I an admirer or imitator?
God heals in many ways
• Sovereignly
• General prayer
• Specific prayer
• Note: God is responsible for healings
Different types of sickness need different approaches
1) Spiritual Healing Acts 2:36, 3:19, 1Jn 1:9
2) Physical Healing Lk 4:38, Acts 5:2
3) Inner Healing Lk 19:10
4) Deliverance Mk1:23-27, 32-34
Asking God to fulfil His Word.
Questions for House groups
1) How as a house group can we best fulfil Gods plan?
2) How did you come to experience the presence & power of the Holy Spirit?
3) How do you see your role in achieving God’s purpose?

There is hope

During the summer of 2014 we asked hundreds of local people "What hurts the most?" We are addressing the most common hurts in this series of talks entitled There is hope

There is hope - sickness

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David Blacklock explains how Jesus can give us hope and healing if we are sick

Speaker: David Blacklock,
Series: There is hope
Date: 12th Oct, 2014
Download: There is hope - sickness
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