What do you want me to do for you?

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The blind man in Mark 10 shouted until he got Jesus’ attention. He had God’s ear – Jesus knew what he wanted and was ready and more willing willing to give it. But he wanted the man to be clear about what he wanted rather than just a general petition for mercy.

So Jesus asked “What do you want me to do for you?” Until he spoke out he was not healed.
To quote Andrew Murray in “With Christ in the school of prayer” Our prayers must not be a vague appeal to His mercy, an indefinite cry for blessing, but the distinct expression of definite need. Not that His loving heart does not understand our cry, or is not ready to hear. But He desires it for our own sakes. Such definite prayer teaches us to know our own needs better. It demands time, and thought, and self-scrutiny to find out what really is our greatest need. It searches us and puts us to the test as to whether our desires are honest and real, such as we are ready to persevere in. It leads us to judge whether our desires are according to God's Word, and whether we really believe that we shall receive the things we ask. It helps us to wait for the special answer, and to mark it when it comes.

God loves in when we pray definite prayers that are clear and answerable and are prayed with faith that He will do it!

So think about what you are praying for. Ask the Spirit to help you be clear. Write them down in a journal and tick them off as God answers them.

Andrew Murray again “Lord Jesus! teach me to pray with all my heart and strength, that there may be no doubt
with Thee or with me as to what I have asked. May I so know what I desire that, even as my petitions are recorded in heaven, I can record them on earth too, and note each answer as it comes. And may my faith in what Thy Word has promised be so clear that the Spirit may indeed work in me the liberty to will that it shall come. Lord! renew, strengthen, sanctify wholly my will for the work of effectual prayer.”



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