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William Wilberforce

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I’ve just read the book and seen the movie!

William Wilberforce was a remarkable man best known for his tireless efforts to abolish the slave trade here and abroad. He also worked to change society. Towards the end of his life, in his 60s, he happened to visit the Duchess of Kent and played with the infant on the floor. The infant would grow up to be Queen Victoria. Eric Metaxas writes “And so here on the miniature plain of the carpet, in a prophetically fitting tableau of dometic happiness, the child who would lend a future era her name met the man who would lend it his character.”

Wiilberforce achieved so much, yet was so physically frail – he suffered greatly from what is thought to be ulcerative collitis and ended up very stooped in posture and in constant pain. Yet he is an example of someone who didn’t make do under the circumstances, but got on with life!

I am challenged to make life count and make a difference, through reading Eric Metaxas’ “Amazing Grace” – he writes in a way that makes you feel you really know William Wilberforce and indeed Wisbech’s Thomas Clarkson. Do read the book or at least watch the movie!



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